In service to the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church

District Leadership Board 2024

District Superintendent: Hyo Lee

Lay Leader: Elizabeth Farrell

Clergy: Dan Albrant, Edwin Clever, Liz Petry, Wayne Snead

Laity: Bill Brown, John Glass, Nikki Karnes, Bessie Owens, Don Vaught (Chair), Sharon Wray

“…I have 
summoned you by name; you are mine.
– Isaiah 43

“… Be holy, because I am holy.”
– 1 Peter 1:16

Board of Church Location & Building
July 2024- June 2025

District Superintendent:  Hyo Lee

Clergy: Larry Cochran, Diana Foster, Matt Seaton, Jim Sprouse

Laity: George Batten, Katie Frooman, Laura Maher, Jim Mallon (Chair), Bessie Owens, Kip Robinson, Kelly Weiss, Nina Winkler

District Associate Lay Leaders

George Batten, Susan Custer, Dian McNaught, Bill Stead, Linda Stead

“…Be still, and
know that I am 
– Psalm 46:10

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