In service to the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church

Innovation Resources

Fresh Expressions is a good site to learn about a ‘mixed economy of church.”  Sunday worship with other options to bring people to Christ.  Meet people where they are!

Expresiones Divinas

Streaming of training for those passionate about seeing fresh expressions for the hispanic population in the US.   

Help Funding Ministries

Grants from the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church are offered for a variety of outreaches and ministries.

A FREE downloadable PDF e-book:  How to Fund Ministry in Uncertain Economic Times.  Align your budget with
your strategy to fully fund your ministry plans. 

New Church Funding Support
The Virginia Conference offers grant funding for developing  new churches.

Community Development

As part of the Virginia Conference, local churches have FREE access to MissionInsite and the demographic information around them.   Reach out to Jim Chandler or Pam Anderson for advice on interpreting data.

Looking for more?

Contact the Reverend Jim Chandler for more!

We can pray for you!

Let us know how we can support you in prayer.  Fill out this form and our Three Notch’d District team will be praying for you and your intentions.